The Power of Networking- #LuckyFABB


If I had a dollar for every time I’ve gotten a confused look from someone when I’ve told them “I’m a blogger” I would have quit my day job a long time ago.

Blogging is one of those things that not everybody gets. Most people can’t seem to wrap their brain around why we spend countless hours taking pictures, writing and editing posts that others may or may not ever read, or want to read for that matter. The fact that a lot of us simply write for ourselves first and for others secondly is evidently a mind-blowing concept.

Since I decided to get back into the world of blogging I have found myself having to repeatedly justify to others why it is that I want to blog. Apparently “Because I f*cking want to” is to cut-dry and not always an appropriate response.

Having to justify why you do something you love, over and over again, can be disheartening, exhausting and often time breeds self-doubt; so it’s important to surround yourself with like-minded people who appreciate your effort and understand your hustle.

This past weekend’s I did just that and I can truly say it was one of the most energizing weekends that I’ve had in a very long time.  I made my way up to up to Los Angeles to attended Lucky Magazine’s #LuckyFabb Conference at the SLS Beverly Hills Hotel for a full day of networking with other bloggers, entrepreneurs, and fashion & beauty industry experts.

Put yourself in a room filled with 300+ ambitious, kick-ass girls (women?) and tell me if your motivation doesn’t kick into overdrive.

I wanted to do a full recap of the event (like any good blogger would) but my girl Bianca of The In Between Girls did an awesome job over on her blog so I’ll just let you check that out.

Instead, I want to take the time to give a shout-out to the people who made this event memorable. My new tribe!

Paulina of Lil Bits of  Chic // Tuyaymya of White Tee Black Dress // Daisy of Daisy’s Fashion Garden // Jea of Dainty Jea // Alessandra Gonzalez // Laura of Laura Neuzeth // Bianca of The In Between Girls // Tanya of La Bella Tanchi // Eelsay of The Luxury Rehab    (I’m sorry if I missed anyone)

Thank you ladies for motivating me, inspiring me, telling it like it is and straight out keeping it real. Most of all THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THE WORLD THAT BLOGGING IS ABOUT COLLABORATION AND NOT ALWAYS ABOUT COMPETITION.



The Revival of This Blog


I’ve been blogging sporadically for about a year and a half now, never having making the time to turn it into a full on commitment.

I’ve decided to start blogging again, today specifically, for a reason. Not only is spring officially here which to me means the blossoming of new ideas and the reincarnation of some old ones but also because today marks the 4th anniversary of my father’s death.   As cliché as it may sound my dad is one of my biggest inspirations and although he is no longer with me in person he is always with me at heart and continues to influence everything I do. He instilled in me to never give up, to always hustle and push forward, and to always do the things I love. I’m reviving this blog as a tribute to him, and for myself, because as I continue to grow so does my ambition.

Cheers to new beginnings!

Erika Ping

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Peter Pilotto x Target

Peter pilotto x target

Apparently I’m the only one that’s been living under a rock since the New Year and hadn’t seen the Peter Pilotto X Target lookbook. Until now that is.

I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to Target’s designer collabs because of one reason I’m a cheap-ass. If I’m buying it at Target I expect it to be under $20 bucks just like my toilet paper and shampoo.

Allow me to explain…
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