Mondays Aren’t All That Bad

Monday Blues


ondays– I hate you then I love you, then I love you then I hate you. Like most breathing beings on this planet, I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays. The obvious dislike stems from having to get back into my monotonous 9-to-5 work routine, losing the freedom to wake up whenever I damn well please, and having to give up my beloved mid-day cocktail. OK you got me – cocktails. (I’m convinced I’m more productive when I’m lightly booze infused. Just saying.)

But minus the obvious “it’s no longer the weekend” there is also something very rejuvenating about Mondays that makes me look forward to the day week after week. I’m crazy I know, but hear me out…

Think of it this way

  1. You woke up today, that in itself is something to be thankful for.
  2. Monday sets the tone for the rest of your week. Nothing bad has had a chance to happen yet so how the rest of your week maps out is dependent on you & your attitude. Use the momentum of a whole new week to propel you forward.
  3. It’s a new beginning, let go of the past. If you feel like you failed at something previously you now have the opportunity to redeem yourself by hitting reset and starting fresh this week.
  4. Refuel—You have exactly 4 ½ days to let your body recover from the late night happy hours before you go back and do it all over again on Friday night.  Your body is your temple, take care of that sh*t.
  5. Plan ahead. You now have the next few days to plan for your next shit-show epic weekend.

So you see Mondays are not all that bad. Perspective–It’s all about perspective.


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I always thought that I’d be somebody by now…

"Going Places" Neon lights sign


rowing up I always imagined that by twenty-five I would have my life figured out. Not that I would have all the answers but I figured I would at least have some of my shit together. I would have the house with the white picket fence, the husband, a stable pencil-pushing 9-to-5 job, dough piling up in my savings account, and maybe even a kid or two running around. I thought that’s what I wanted because I was taught that that’s what I was supposed to strive for and what I should want.

While some of these are things I look forward to in the future it’s not something I can envision for myself right now; Except for the dough piling up in my bank account, I’ll take that any day of the week!

I’ve fallen a little short on that spectrum— I just turned twenty-six; I live in a small studio apartment above a bar (which I love), I have a boyfriend (whom I love), a stable job (not my dream job but a stable paycheck nevertheless) and two babies (of the four-legged kind…whom I also love). And although these are things that I genuinely LOVE, for a long time I felt guilty for doing so.

I felt guilty for not having more even though I knew my version of more was different from society’s more.

What society kept telling me was that I needed stability and certainty of where my life was going. The only thing I had, and still only have, is an entrepreneurial dream and lust for living a passionate life. I want to travel, explore, learn, meet new people and pretty much just bounce from place to place without a care in the world. I want to find myself, I want to discover what my true passion is, and then I want to do THAT for the rest of my life.

There are very few certainties in my life at this point and time; the truth is– I don’t know where I’m going from here. But I welcome the discomfort of the unknown with open arms because I know that within-it lies my strength. Whichever path I ultimately pick the only thing I know for certain is that it will be the road less traveled and it will never be mundane.

This is my journey. My life. My blog. My way.

I hope you’ll join me along the way.

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